What are clients saying?


I have spent a lot of time in the gym over the last 40 years, training myself and being trained by trainers in the gym. During the Covid shutdown year(s) and not being able to go to the Gym, I got away from the training my body needed. My wife started workouts zooming. I thought, how can this be done, zooming without the benefits of the equipment of a gym. She convinced me to try it out. I did and have been so completely impressed with Angela. She was actually one the trainers I’d see in the gym I worked out at prior. I have been completely flipped, and now an advocate of training at home, zooming with Angela. I am 66 years old, and Angela trains me for my age. I had a hip replacement done a year plus ago, and she watches my every move, paying attention to make sure I am working out correctly. At 66, she pays very close attention to my needs and makes sure I am not overdoing it. She has a workout lined up for each session and modifies as needed, sets and reps for me to achieve, which I can tell has benefited my workouts.

I highly recommend Angela to any and all individuals interested in being in shape, working our smart, and gaining results. She is prompt, efficient, gets after the workout, pushes without forcing to much, and pays attention to your body as you work out. I can’t say enough! My highest appraisal and recommendation to anyone looking for a trainer, Angela is the best.


Brian F.


I feel I am getting the best work out possible while enjoying the experience and not feeling exhausted.

Eleanor L.


Angela has done more to help me than my physical therapist! I have a lot to work on and not much strength. With Angela she works with my weaknesses to help build strength. The most important is not getting hurt or regressing. Thank you Angela for having such wonderful knowledge and skills.

Shelley A.

January 2022

I have been training under Angela for several years now and she has been a reliable and attentive coach. She has helped me work on several large and small fitness goals, from the small ‘learn to do push ups’ to the larger ‘training for a marathon’. Her workouts are always varied and challenging but never punishing, with a focus on making sure you are performing the activities with good form. She knows just how to push you to your personal best, and is patient when you need time for recovery. Angela is very knowledgeable and supportive to help you achieve your goals- I highly recommend her as a personal trainer!

Kenzy S

September 2021

Angela is an amazing trainer! She is so tuned in to my various physical issues and injuries (NOT caused by my workouts!) and works with me to do a good workout without aggravating my problems. She makes my workouts fun and enjoyable and despite everything that is going on with my body, I am making progress! I highly recommend her!

Merne F.

September 2021

I started working out twice a week with Angela in March 2021. Angela was recommended to me by my sister who has trained with her for a few years. I was intrigued with the idea of not having to leave my home to work out, with modern technology I can have the same trainer as my sister who lives in Lake Oswego and my home is in The Dalles, Oregon. I am 65 years old, have had both my feet totally reconstructed and have a metal plates and 8 screws in each foot. Walking use to be my exercise of choice before surgery, but my orthopedic surgeon said I only have so many steps left in these feet and to avoid exercises with a lot of impact. Angela has been able to plan workouts for me tailored to my physical limitations. I have never liked exercising before but I actually look forward to my two 5:30 a.m. sessions each week before I go to work. I highly recommend Angela. She can change up my session based on how I’m feeling or if she can tell something is getting easier for me she knows what I need to make it more challenging. I am able to do a lot more standing, bending and walking now that I have been working with Angela.

Charla F.

November 2020

I am so grateful for Angela and her expertise. I have been working with her four almost five years now and have seen tremendous results. I began at the beginning of retirement in 2016 and worked on overcoming years of a 90 mile daily commute and a very stressful desk job. She helped me return to full fitness and support my ability to engage in my favorite activity, road cycling.  Recently, I have been addressing a hamstring injury and Angela has provided significantly more support than the physical therapists I have seen, and I see light at the end of a long tunnel.

She is a joy to work with, has a great sense of humor, and knows her stuff. What a gem!

I highly recommend her!

Cherie L.

October 2020

Had the privilege to work alongside Angela professionally for five years as a personal trainer. Can’t recommend her enough!

Vinh T.

October 2020

Angela is professional, compassionate, and trained to be the best she can be. Angela is the best personal trainer I have ever had! Angela works hard to know you as a person and to know your needs so that she can best give you the training and work out you want and deserve. She has worked miracles with me and I thank you, Angela.

Candee J.

October 2020

Angela is an excellent trainer. During the five years I have worked with her she has helped me recover from back and knee problems, as well as building my strength and stamina. She is very personable, making training enjoyable. I actually look forward to my sessions. If you are looking for a trainer who will help you reach your fitness goals in a way best suited to your needs, Angela is your person!

Linda C.

October 2020

I have been training with Angela since 2015 when she assisted me in competing in and completing my first half marathon and later a full marathon.  I credit her knowledge of what needed to be done to get ready for the races as the primary reason for my completing these events successfully.

Paul B.

October 2020

I’ve been working out with Angela for about a year. We started out in person, in our gym, and when the pandemic arrived, she made the transition to Zoom workouts seamlessly. She is professional, punctual, and an excellent communicator. I highly recommend her personalized and positive approach.

Mac T.

October 2020

Sign up with Angela!! I have been working with Angela for a year now and she has been a light and a support as I focus on lifestyle changes. I have multiple challenges, including fibromyalgia, inflammatory arthritis, obesity, and a foot that just won’t work right. She never thinks a negative thought about all that. She doesn’t even bat an eye when my body is acting up, she adjusts the workout on the fly and I always, always end a session feeling healthier and positive. I have made great strides in my fitness level during our year working together. My pain level has decreased significantly and I am more fit now than I have been in years. We laugh our way through many a workout! She came highly recommended to me, and I sincerely recommend her to you.

Therese L.

October 2020

I am so glad to be working on my fitness goals with Angela. She cheers me on and provides easy to follow demonstrations of exercises that she personally tailors to my fitness needs and ability. I feel challenged but not overwhelmed and look forward to our time each week. I highly recommend a fitness partnership with Angela.

Hannah E.

October 2020

My wife Barbara and I have been training together with Angela since March.  We do this via electronic meetings three mornings a week.  We are both in our mid 60’s.  We have alot of fun and a great workout.  We work on flexibility and strength exercises which we both have noticed are most helpful in our daily lives.  Its nice to be able to move freely!!

Paul and Barbara 

October 2020

3 years after I had back surgery I started having pain again. I was referred to the Spinal Clinic for an epidural procedure for my chronic pain. The Anesthesiologist who did the procedure encouraged me to find an experienced Personal Trainer who could help me strengthen my core muscles that support my back. I was fortunate to find Angela who was a Trainer at my fitness club. After training for a year with Angela I found my back, leg and shoulder pain decreased and my strength improved significantly. Then Covid hit and the club closed. I stopped working out and only walked my dog for exercise. Before I knew it my back pain, leg pain and shoulder pain returned. When the club reopened I was reluctant to go back with Covid still prevalent. I was excited when I learned that Angela was doing Private training through Zoom and started training with her again. Angela is a knowledgeable experienced Personal Trainer who has a certification in Orthopedic training and knows how to train people with injuries and disabilities. Angela is a great listener and is able to quickly modify our workout based on how my body and injuries are doing. I am really enjoying training with Angela through Zoom. I don’t have to leave my house and I love that my dog can sit in on our training sessions. Training from home has taught me how many exercises can be done with bands, balls, a chair and a few weights. I highly recommend Angela as a Personal Trainer and look forward to our Zoom Trainings twice a week.  Our sessions are challenging and fun!

Karen F.

October 2020

I am happy to recommend Angela as a trainer and fitness coach. I have been very pleased with our sessions, which have all been over Zoom meetings. She puts together a mix of strength and balance challenges that are quite nuanced and effective, and seem to me to be more evolved than programs I have followed previously. She communicates clearly, and – even remotely – is good at providing helpful feedback. I am impressed by how much she packs into a 30 minute Zoom session. My overall impression is that she is very well educated, enthusiastic, and good at her work as a personal trainer.

Catherine T.

October 2020

As someone with a disabling chronic illness, I know how important staying active is while avoiding injury. Training with Angela has been a godsend! At the start of each session she checks in to ask how I am doing then tailors our activity according to my answer. I am stronger and more physically functional today than I’ve ever been since my diagnosis 11 years ago, all thanks to Angela.

Amy L.

Angela is awesome! She helped me get back into a strength-training routine in preparation for Hood to Coast. What I appreciated most was how she really listened and tailored the training to my goals. Thanks to Angela I look forward to another amazing relay experience!

Susan M.

She practices a progressive training technique, increasing the level and complexity of exercise with each session.  Angela pays particular attention to making sure my form and positions are correct before doing the actual lift or other physical exertion. This maximizes the mechanics of the effort and helps prevent strains or other potential injury.  I was previously doing exercises primarily on the Cybex machines. Though she includes their use for several muscle groups, many of her regimen include free weights, and I have noticed the difference in myself using them.  My main sport these days is golf, and she has focused some swing-like exercises for this.   Angela is reliable and punctual with the sessions, is a pleasant person who gives plenty of encouragement and is a pleasure to work with.

Colin C.

I was very hesitant to hire a personal trainer but decided I needed to bite the bullet to get the results I wanted.  I’m so thankful that I found Angela!  She makes working out fun, approachable, and something that I actually look forward to.  She works with me to make sure that I am challenged physically and mentally, and is always willing to modify things if needed.  She really listens to my likes and dislikes and creates workouts that make me feel strong and healthy.  Angela is fantastic – I highly recommend her.


Abby S.

I have worked with Angela for about four months. It had been many years since I had exercise of any kind even though my doctor prescribed it.  Angela always knew what and how much I could handle. Her workouts were interesting and just challenging enough. Under her direction I lost weight and inches. Her encouragement made each workout enjoyable and was why I looked forward to seeing her each time. I really appreciate her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for what she does.

Ginny M.

Angela helped me so much in repairing my knees. I came to her in a lot of pain and not a lot of strength.  I had to basically start from the beginning with simple exercises until my knees got stronger.  She listened to my issues, watched me as I did the exercises and tweaked them to make them more efficient.  She pushed me to do my best.  Her positive attitude made it easier to make it to the gym for the early morning workouts.  I feel very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Angela.

Kathy G.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Angela. She was my personal trainer for several sessions this past winter. Three things made her special. First, she was consistently encouraging, helping me feel successful . This leads to wanting to continue to progress. Second, she regularly assessed how the exercises were affecting my body, was willing to change things, designing my routine to meet my needs, strengths and weaknesses. She is knowledgeable and willing to explain things so I would understand what was behind what we were doing. Third, she is fun and engaged. She showed an interest in getting to know me as a person, expressing that she really cared about me and my goals. I found myself looking forward to my workout times with her.

Sally B.

When I came to Angela with my fitness goals I really wanted to build lean muscle and lose weight. Like many people, I also brought with me a small handful of previous injuries . Angela listened carefully to my history and crafted an individual work out plan that targeted my abilities and strengthened my whole body. Angela truly encouraged me building my confidence as well as my physical strength. Thanks to Angela I’m excited for my work outs and can trust that each visit to the gym takes me closer to the goals.

Julie S