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Your body and needs are yours alone, and what works for someone else may not be a good fit for you.  Anyone can grab a workout off the internet or get unlimited, canned workouts.  You deserve a customized experience!


Your personalized programs focus on safe, fun progressive workouts.  You choose the level of personalized coaching and support that fits your lifestyle and current condition.  Have a friend or partner with similar goals?  Grab them and get moving together!




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Client Testimonials

I have been training under Angela for several years now and she has been a reliable and attentive coach. She has helped me work on several large and small fitness goals, from the small ‘learn to do push ups’ to the larger ‘training for a marathon’. Her workouts are always varied and challenging but never punishing, with a focus on making sure you are performing the activities with good form. She knows just how to push you to your personal best, and is patient when you need time for recovery. Angela is very knowledgeable and supportive to help you achieve your goals- I highly recommend her as a personal trainer!

Kenzy S

I have spent a lot of time in the Gym over the last 40 years, training myself and being trained by trainers in the Gym. During the Covid shutdown year(s) and not being able to go to the Gym, I got away from the training I needed, my body needed. My wife started workouts zooming, I thought How can this be done, zooming without the benefits of the equipment of a gym, she convinced me to try it out. I did and have been so completely impressed with Angela. She was actually one the trainers I’d see in the Guy I worked out at prior.
I have been completely flipped, and now an advocate of training at home, zooming with Angela. I am 66 years old, Angela trains me at my age, I had a hip replacement done a year plus ago, she watches my every move, paying attention to make sure I am working out correctly, at 66 she pays very close attention to my needs and makes sure I am not overdoing it, she has a workout lined up for each session, sets and reps for me to achieve, which I can tell has benefitted my workouts.
I highly recommend Angela to any and all individuals interested in being in shape, working our smart, gaining results. She is prompt, efficient, gets after the workout, pushes without forcing to much, pays attention to your body as you work out, I can’t say enough, My highest appraisal and recommendation to anyone looking for a trainer, Angela is the best.

Brian F.

Angela is an excellent trainer. During the five years I have worked with her she has helped me recover from back and knee problems, as well as building my strength and stamina. She is very personable, making training enjoyable. I actually look forward to my sessions. If you are looking for a trainer who will help you reach your fitness goals in a way best suited to your needs, Angela is your person!

Linda C.